Do you just pray or do you approach the abortion-minded women?


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Q. Are you standing outside the abortion center praying or do you approach the young ladies?

A. There are three main parts of ministry in Cities4Life. Proclaim. Provide. Pray. Some are what we call “front line ministries” that reach out and offer help and truth to women as they are entering these places of death and the others are “back end ministries”, such as those in the Life Network, that help the women after they have chosen Life for their unborn children.

Those who are on the “front lines” of this ministry do stand on the sidewalk outside these abortion mills. All Pray; some only Pray. We like to call this “focused prayer”, as they can see those individuals who are coming to the abortion mill and hear of the specific situations over which they can pray right there on the spot. We intercede for the staff, the mothers, the fathers, the babies, anyone who may be involved in the life ending process.  Praying at an abortion mill allows for more informed prayer, on-site intercession, and prayerful intervention in many cases.  Simply put, we see who needs prayer and the Holy Spirit leads us in how to Pray for the women and support people.

Others Proclaim the truth in Titus 2 style, woman-to-woman and mother-to-mother. Sidewalk counselors speak to women in a loving/helpful tone. They provide a host of information about their unborn baby and offer real choices to these mothers. Some women share their post-abortive experience, others information about the baby’s development, and others about their adoption experiences. Because of buffer zones, there are often limitations on interaction; therefore, a microphone is used to prevent yelling. Many women hear what we say in the building and many have come out and chaged their minds as a result. Men are often the ones interacting and communicating with the men that have driven their wife/girlfriend/sister to the mill. Not only is hope offered, but a clear communication of the Gospel message, as well.

All involved in our ministry are asked to read, sign and adhere to the Cities4Life Code of Conduct. This best demonstrates how we seek to lovingly step into the lives of these mothers and support people in tangible ways and show the love of Jesus.


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