Desperation Turned into Expectation


A young woman, Leslie (not real name), with very significant high risk pregnancy issues called me in desperation. The story of how she connected with me is a miracle in and of itself.  A former Planned Parenthood manager, Crystal, who now works in Social Service, was helped tremendously by Cities4Life and Lovelife Charlotte when she fled the work of the abortion industry. Lo and behold, Leslie went to Crystal’s Social Service office and presented her hopeless situation, not knowing what to do. Crystal’s employer suggested this particular client was someone she felt Crystal could best counsel. Leslie poured out her dismal story to Crystal, saying she believed her only choice was abortion. Crystal, who is now ardently pro-life, presented a different option. “Please Leslie, before you abort, call Vicky of Cities4Life. This ministry does amazing work. I know they can help you.” Leslie agreed. She called me a few days ago and told me her story. The obstacles she faced were significant. She was advised to abort by her last doctor should she ever become pregnant again due to multiple high risk factors. She had just lost her job due to issues with her young children and struggles to afford childcare. She had a deeply fractured relationship with her husband.  She felt she was all alone in this overwhelming struggle. In spite of all these terrible and daunting issues, she really didn’t want to abort. She knew it was wrong, in fact called it murder. She had aborted once and she said it destroyed her. She could NOT do it again, and swore she would not do it again. But she saw no way out of it. I took a deep breath. Then, after momentary panic, prayed that the God who says  Nothing is impossible would provide. I told her, “We can help you.” Within a half hour of getting off the phone with her, the following miracles were in place.

  • Our childcare expert found a church willing to provide free childcare for all her children.
  • Our job volunteer promised to help her polish her resume and help her find a job.
  • A mentor through Lovelife Charlotte in her area  was found who would be a friend and helper with the backing of a church to help with needed resources.
  • A baby shower through Cities4Life that would provide the first full two years of everything the baby would need was scheduled.

Then,  a pro-life doctor who works with us immediately called her and consulted with her for free, assuring her that her medical issues were completely manageable. He recommended and called the doctor who would oversee her care. Finally, I called and scheduled an appointment with a local Pregnancy Resource Center so she could see her baby on an ultrasound.

This is her text to me after I told her all that had been set up for her in half an hour after expressing her needs:   She told me that now, instead of feeling abortion was her only choice, she was actually getting excited about this little one. As the fear began to overwhelm her again, I reminded her of something I knew she believed. God is the author of life. She was in His hands, as was her little one. Would she trust the One who was in control of the universe, or defy Him in her fear? Here is her response: I totally think God is in control, and you are right. I need to hold onto faith and not man and just let it be and take it one day at a time…

Many of the stories you read about on this blog take place on the sidewalks at the local abortion centers but this story actually took place before this young lady ever made it to an abortion center. God knows how to arrange circumstances in such a way that His truth will reach open hearts. All we have to do is make ourselves available to be used by Him.

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Vicky Kaseorg

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Vicky Kaseorg is a sidewalk counselor and Volunteer Coordinator with Cities4Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at

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