Defend and Extend


Those who have been on the sidewalks at an abortion center know that it is a very real battle. However, as I mentioned in a previous article, we understand that our battle is a spiritual one. This battle is demanding. Nevertheless, the Lord has called us to continue to defend the unborn and even to extend our reach.

It’s difficult enough to stay faithful on the sidewalks. It can be even more difficult to try to stretch into new territory. However, it is encouraging to know that when the Lord calls us to something He gives us the grace to walk it out. Allow me to share with you a little of what we believe He is calling to do and how you can help.

Taking What We’ve Learned Locally and Investing into Others Nationally

Our website was created to help encourage and equip individuals to do Gospel-centered abortion clinic ministry in their city. We get emails and messages literally from around the world.  The website was created in response to these people who see what God is doing through Cities4Life Charlotte asking how they can be effective sidewalk counselors in their city. 

Sidewalk Counseling Training website

Recently we invested money and energy into updating the site. We’ve even put some great training videos on there. These videos are powerful tools to help train those who want to reach out at their local abortion center.  The site is not yet quite what we would like it to be, but it’s getting there. 

More updates and content for the website as well as advertising dollars and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to promote the site are some immediate needs. We believe the Lord has given us a unique, effective, and Biblical method of reaching people at an abortion center. Sadly, many people won’t find the site because when they Google ‘Sidewalk Counseling’ or other related topics, it’s buried among other websites. We’d really like to change that. Just think, the lives we see saved and transformed here in Charlotte could be magnified many times over if others got ahold of this content.

Broadcasting to Challenge, Encourage, and Equip Others

Like many of you, I listen to podcasts from many different people about many different topics. I realized a few months ago that there aren’t really any podcasts that focus on the issue of abortion in light of the Gospel. There are some political podcasts that mention abortion but the reason many of us are pro-life is because of the life-changing power of the Gospel in our lives. The Gospel really is central to everything. After all, abortion is not primarily a political issue; it is a Gospel issue.

Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast
Vicky and I just finished the latest episode of the podcast

So just recently Vicky and I started recording our first few episodes. We’re currently working on editing and hosting the episodes. Keep an eye out of them in the coming weeks. “Gospel-Centered, Pro-Life” is the name of our new podcast. The first topic we dealt with was “What Does it Mean to Be Gospel-Centered and Pro-Life?” We will also produce video versions of our podcast to upload to Youtube to help broaden the reach. There are so many ideas and topics the Lord has opened up for us to touch on as we’ve started this project.

Pro-abortion advocates and people coming for abortions challenge us regularly about what we believe and why. It often provokes deep thoughts and conversations even amongst ourselves. When there’s a lull in traffic coming into the abortion center we often have stimulating conversations about these things. I thought it would be a great blessing and an encouragement to others if we put some of those conversations into a podcast format.

A Strategic Homebase

Getting baby shower donations situated in the new space.

We know that no matter what, our main focus and calling is to proclaim the Gospel and offer practical help at our local abortion centers. Creating content for and the podcasts while still focusing on the abortion centers can be a challenge. But, it’s what God would have us do. As such, the Lord has graciously provided us an office space within walking distance of the Southeast’s busiest abortion center. That allows us to focus much-needed attention to the frontlines with proximity to office resources for the other tasks.

In addition to a strategic location, we now have room for creating videos and podcasts. It also gives us room for our local sidewalk counseling training sessions. Part of the vision for this space was to not only train sidewalk counselors locally but nationally as well. We recently had a group from New York receive training and guidance at our new space. It was a blessing to be able to show them hands-on at the abortion center the ins-and-outs of sidewalk counseling followed by classroom training in the office.

To get the maximum use out of the new space, our office also doubles as a storage area for our baby shower ministry. In addition to our local sidewalk counseling efforts, we provide baby showers for some of the moms that choose LIFE. We always seek to plug these women into a local church through our partner ministry Love Life. This encourages their local church to facilitate a baby shower for them. We sometimes do encounter women who aren’t able to get plugged into a local church and yet still need baby items. That’s where our baby shower ministry comes in.

Wrapping It Up

In summary, we’re seeking to be obedient to the Lord in what He has called us to, both locally and nationally. There’s a lot to do and only so much time and resources to accomplish it. By God’s grace and faithfulness, we will continue to see His name glorified and lives saved.

Are you looking for a local ministry to support that is involved daily in saving lives, proclaiming the Gospel, and meeting practical needs but also is reaching out nationally? Please consider joining with us.

Please hold us up in prayer and pray about supporting us financially. We’ve started a monthly giving program called Champions4Life. This allows people to get involved in a very impactful way. It’s hard for us to accomplish all that God has called us to without financial support. Please consider a monthly gift of $25, $35, $75 or whatever the Lord puts on your heart.

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