Death’s Reach Is Far, But Love’s Reach is Farther


Far Reach

Cities4Life™ Charlotte has been reaching out to women in crisis pregnancy situations with the Gospel at Charlotte’s local abortion clinics since 2010. One of the things that many who know about our ministry don’t realize is that though we minister in Charlotte, the Lord’s reach, through this ministry, is further than Charlotte, and even further than the greater Charlotte area. Of course, at the 3 abortion clinics in Charlotte we encounter many people from Charlotte and neighboring communities but, especially at Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic. People come for abortions from all over the Southeast. There are so many women that come for abortions from South Carolina that some days you would think you’re in South Carolina.

Believe it or not, Charlotte is a major abortion destination for women from South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. In addition to that, we see women from all over the country, and even the world, due to the universities in this area. When I share this with church leaders and Christians about the numbers of people that come from out of state, the obvious questions is, why? I believe there are a couple of factors that cause people to come to Charlotte instead of the abortion clinics which are closer to where they live.

Far Reach1First, I believe is marketing. As a matter of fact if you search “abortion” in most of the southeast “A Preferred Women’s Health Center” comes up at the top of the page. These clinics pour a lot of money into marketing and they have, sadly, a far reach into communities all over. Women get in crisis pregnancy situations and for many the first thing they search is “abortion”. Life-affirming pregnancy centers try to compete to offer real help, but it can be hard.

The second factor, I believe is pricing. The busiest abortion clinic in Charlotte, APWHC, is very competitive in their prices. It almost makes me sick to say that, but they are a for-profit business. These clinics aren’t in this to support women. They are in this business to capitalize off of crisis situations.

A third factor is shame. Why would a young lady in Georgia drive 3-4 hours away to have an abortion? She’s ashamed of people finding out. We encounter women all the time who come from cities in this state and other states that have their own abortion clinics. However, these women don’t want to be seen waking into abortion clinics by friends, family, church people, or others in their community, so they drive a few extra hours to hide. All these factors and others cause Charlotte to be an abortion hub for the southeast.

provisionThankfully God has raised up people in this area with a burden to reach these women and families that come from all over. In the past 6+ years Cities4Life has encountered women who see and hear the truth, and respond by choosing LIFE and even choosing Jesus Christ as Lord. Currently, we have a few families we’re ministering in South Carolina through baby showers and other follow up. Jesus said “Freely you have received, so freely give.” That’s what we seek to do with every woman we have the chance to minister to, no matter where they are from. It can be difficult to drive a truck load of baby shower items hours away, but if we have the ability to meet needs, distance can be a small thing.

Remember these women that come for abortions come from our communities and live near our churches, whether that community is in North Carolina or Georgia. They need to be reached with the Gospel, and it’s the church’s job to reach them. And because they come from all over, the Truth and Love that we offer in the name of Jesus Christ has a further reach than many realize.

Do you as an individual, a family or a church want to get involved? Check out the ways to get involved below:

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