Close to Home but Reaching the World


The deadly tentacles of abortion are far reaching, from Charlotte into much of the southeast. Daily our sidewalk counselors encounter abortion minded women from South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and other nearby states as well as almost every city in North Carolina. Also because of the local colleges and universities we see patients come from all over the United States. To think that our city is a major abortion destination is grievous but sadly it’s true.

The Latrobe abortion clinic, which is the Southeast’s most visited abortion clinic advertises as far away as Florida, apparently pouring a lot of money into Google and Facebook ads to drum up business. It makes sense, I guess, because it is a for profit business, but of course their business is the business of death, a “business” that generates its money from the destruction of precious lives. Considering they perform 20-30 abortions everyday and the price can range from $350-$1600 (see our post about the cost of abortion in Charlotte) so a fairly conservative estimate would be that they bring in about $4,000,000 a year at this one abortion clinic and the owners have 3 others.

The point of this article is not really to talk about how much money the abortion industry in Charlotte produces, though it does help us to see why these businesses fight so hard to get local government officials to silence the voices of those who directly oppose their industry by being a voice for the babies they kill for money. However, the reason I wrote this is so you can see that in spite of how far the enemy reaches to destroy innocent lives, the Gospel of Jesus reaches farther still.

You see even though we do encounter women coming from all over to have abortions, this actually gives us an opportunity to reach people we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. We not only encounter families from different cities and states but also from many different countries and backgrounds. Our sidewalk volunteers have regular opportunities to share the Gospel with Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim women (and men) who are coming for abortions. We regularly encounter people from many different languages and cultures hence the title of this article “Close to Home but Reaching the World”. Our ministry focuses on the mission field right here in our backyard, but really we are reaching the world at large with the message of help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ.

Recently our sidewalk volunteers encountered a young man and woman from Russia. They apparently understood very little of what we were saying to them but the Lord moved in spite of the language barrier. Vicky, our volunteer coordinator, shares that story below:

Yesterday, it was very cold and our team was very small. At one point, a couple stood on the porch of the abortion center, clearly conflicted. I called out to them the whole time, offering hope and help, encouragement and pleading. They went to their car and sat in the car a long time. My fellow counselor prayed with me as we asked God to intervene.
We rejoiced as the couple finally drove away. They looked at me, troubled, as they pulled slowly down the street. They stopped as they passed our RV parked on the curb, clearly reading the slogans along the side offering help. Another of our counselors waved to them and they stopped and rolled down the window. I was already on my way over as they had slowed at the RV, bringing a blessing bag of gifts with me. I knew they had chosen not to abort.
As I approached, it was clear this couple did not speak English. The man spoke a little and asked, “How can you help?”
After determining they spoke Russian, I pulled out my phone and accessed Google Translator. In this manner, I managed to share our resources and offer hope and encouragement. At one point, in English, I asked, “Do you believe in God?”
The woman smiled and spoke the only clear sentence in English of her entire interaction with me: We believe in God.
The unedited/unpunctuated screenshot of part of our texts back and forth is pasted above. When I sent the portion of my discussion copied above, I handed her the blessing bag. I pulled out a little handmade baby blanket and told her she had a choice. She could wrap her child one day in this soft beautiful baby blanket, or she could instead abort and the child would be disposed as medical waste in a biohazard bag. Which would she prefer?
Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded as she held the blanket.
“We will call you,” the man said, touching his wife’s arm. “Thank you so much.”
As a ministry we are so humbled to be able to see God moving like this on an almost daily basis in the hearts and lives of abortion minded people. From the beginning it has been our heart to not just stand against abortion but to stand for LIFE and proclaim the Gospel. Really it’s God’s truth that changes hearts and lives, we’re just blessed to be some of the instruments that He uses to do that. Please consider joining us in reaching the world by supporting us with a one-time year end gift. If you give now your gift will have double the impact with our matching challenge grant from local businessmen.

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