When She Chose Life She Discovered She Was Not on This Journey Alone

Many of you have helped over the past six months to bring this wonderful family finally to the place where they can raise their baby soon-to-be-born and other children in a safe home. Jacquese told me to find a way to thank all of you for all you have done. For the wedding donations, the funds to fix up the apartment, funds for the car, the furniture, pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses, television sets, clothes, all the needs we have raised over the past six months to which so many of you have so generously responded.
I told her most of you read my blog, so I am telling all of you: thank you. You have helped a miracle occur in a wonderful family’s life. You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to a family that had lost hope until they met the Cities4Life team on the sidewalk of the abortion center. From the moment they met our team and chose life, their lives changed.
In conjunction with Cities4Life efforts, LoveLife Charlotte came alongside this family. They provided a mentor, a friend and resource guide, and asssistance securing a safe and reliable car large enough for their growing brood.
So many Christ followers contributed to the ongoing challenges and needs to help the mother who decided to trust God  even when it looked impossible.
Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure of walking in with them as they saw their new apartment clean and ready for them for the first time. I am not sure who was happier…me or them. After nearly two years of living in temporary housing, sometimes their car, always on the move, they are finally in a stable placeJackson Park Ministries will provide the housing as well as fantastic programs to help the family with training and assistance in all areas of life that they have struggled with.
Not a moment too soon. Jacquese expects the new baby to show up by the end of November.
Beautiful wonderful Sheryl Chandler of Truth and Mercy Ministries then filled their new home with a lavish outpouring of gifts that will cover the first two years of everything the new baby will need. Jacquese was overflowing with gratitude and delight.
If this story is not compelling evidence yet that the presence of pro-life counselors on the sidewalks and the far-reaching network of supporters is not saving only babies, but the women as well, read on.
Sheryl always prays about the gifts she will shower on the women. She has storage rooms filled with donations from supporters, and she sorts and chooses prayerfully what God would have her give each mother. She had never met Jacquese though she knew the general story: homeless, unmarried, pregnant, living in her car until she met  us and chose life, marriage, and Jesus.
Sheryl did not know some of the sorrowful details, such as the family had lost everything they owned, including important papers, momentos, cherished baby items through a terribly sad and unfortunate series of events outside their control.
When Jacquese looked inside the box of the brand new stroller Sheryl brought her, she almost cried. She threw her arms around Sheryl, exclaiming, “How did you know?” Inside the box was the exact same stroller she had owned for her now 2 year old, the one that had been lost to her in the confiscation of a storage unit
Later at dinner, we had a glorious time sharing the truths of the Gospel. Jacquese had accepted Jesus when she first met us, but the discussion went deeper and exposed areas of misunderstanding. Jacquese was so honest, and inquisitive, and grateful for the truths of God. As the dinner ended, Sheryl gave one last gift. It was a bag filled with Christian literature and a Bible. She included a little trinket, collectibles called Cherished Teddies that one of her supporters had given for the mothers she showers.
When Jacquese unwrapped the Cherished Teddy, again she cried, “How did you know??”
She then told a story of how her beloved aunt who was her ‘second mother’ had recently died.That aunt collected Cherished Teddies. Jacquese had wanted the collection for sentimental value… she loved and missed her aunt deeply. Tragically (again), the collection was stolen and Jacquese was broken-hearted. Now, Jacquese, clutched The Cherished Teddy with wide glistening eyes, remembering that precious aunt. “How did you know!?”
“I didn’t,” Sheryl said, “But God did.”
As we concluded our dinner talking about our incredible God and how far this wonderful woman has come in the past six months, she told us she had considered naming her child Journey. “I have been on a journey,” she said, “I didn’t know where God was taking me but I knew if He created this baby, then He had a plan for her and He would get her there.”
Amen. Praise God for all those who helped Jacquese know she was not on this journey alone.

Isaiah 43:18-19

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
If interested in being a regular supporter of Truth and Mercy Pro-life Ministries, please visit the website HERE for information. Due to changes in job situations, this vital ministry is in danger and needs help. For 29 years Sheryl has provided these life-changing baby showers to desperate moms. Please prayerfully consider being a part of her incredible work.


We are so grateful for your continued prayers and support! Follow the links below to get involved more with the ministry of Cities4Life here in Charlotte!

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