Would Jesus Have Stayed Home?


Our county received a Stay-at-Home order beginning Thursday, 3/26/20 at 8:00 a.m.  All non-essential businesses and their workers were to stay home for the next three weeks. All residents were to shelter at home, except for necessary trips to approved … Continued

Close to Home but Reaching the World


The deadly tentacles of abortion are far reaching, from Charlotte into much of the southeast. Daily our sidewalk counselors encounter abortion minded women from South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and other nearby states as well as almost every city … Continued

Headline: Local Daycare Becomes House of Horrors


A local daycare, A Family Preferred Child Center, is under investigation for allegedly killing over 20 children every day over the past several weeks. What has been observed by bystanders are parents bringing their children, ranging from 6 months to … Continued

A Gospel issue

Abortion is a Gospel Issue, But….


  As a ministry we have said from the beginning that abortion is not a political issue, but a Gospel issue. Ultimately what will change things in America for the future is the same thing that has changed us in … Continued


Colorado Shooter is Not Pro-Life


Walking into a Planned Parenthood facility and shooting people is not pro-life – it’s pro-death. Nothing about Robert Lewis Dear, the 59-year-old gunman who killed three people and wounded nine in Colorado Springs last week, carries the true, biblical essence … Continued

About David Benham

David and Lori Benham serve together in the pro-life movement in areas such as sidewalk counseling, community awareness, fundraising, church life networking and political support. The family is involved in every aspect of Cities4Life and their comprehensive vision ties each moving part of this movement together.

Tiny Hands Books Discounted in MAY!


Just $.50 to possibly save a life! We believe so much in what God is doing with the Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart crisis pregnancy booklet that we are offering them for just $.50 each. This is a full color 25 … Continued