Caring For God’s Masterpiece Takes Many Willing Hearts…

The following testimony was written by our Friday team leader Jennifer Barrett, an awesome testimony of transformation!  Thank you Jennifer for sharing Kimberly’s story!
“We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10 NLT)
 Kimberly, a teenage Mom of a young toddler was determined not to add to her stressful situation by giving birth to another baby. She drove to the Abortion center with a friend and was prepared to do what she thought was the best thing for someone in her situation, pay someone to end the life of her child. On her way into the parking lot she was greeted by Cities4Life counselor Patti Holmes, who with a willing heart, lovingly offered her help and a free ultrasound. Kimberly parked and walked straight inside.
But God had other plans. When she went to pay at the front desk, she discovered that the debit card she was going to use was mysteriously missing. It had been left in the ATM machine she had used that morning. Feeling confused and wondering if she was making the wrong decision she hesitantly rescheduled her appointment for the following Saturday. On the way out of the lot she was met by me, and offered an ultrasound on the HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center RV. With tears streaming, she explained what had just occurred. “Maybe this was a sign God doesn’t want me to do this” she explained.
On the RV with Patti, Sherry, the ultrasound nurse, and myself, she told us her story. With willing hearts, we all listened. Living in a crowded house with transient people, sleeping on a floor atop her pile of clothes, and the odds against her and her son piled even higher. But with the sight of that tiny beating heart came hope. With a willing heart, she chose LIFE!
The next Saturday she did in fact go back to Latrobe Dr., but she had an appointment on the sidewalk that day instead of inside that building. She shared, with a willing heart, her decision for life with another desperate Mom. That Mom chose LIFE too. Months went by, difficult situations arose, the enemy was angry! Patti and I shared our lives and poured out our hearts to her. Truth and Mercy Ministries, with a willing heart, provided an amazing baby shower for her. Kimberly, with her baby’s father, Jeffrey felt God’s love strong.
Sweet Liiangelli, a beautiful baby girl, was born healthy and strong! And unlike what critics say about “pro-lifers”, the story doesn’t end there. Two experienced Mom’s by her side, Kimberly navigated the waters of Godly motherhood. Kimberly and Jeffrey have weathered many storms together and in God’s perfect timing, a couple from Love Life Charlotte with willing hearts, Chandra and Matt, began mentoring them. The blessings poured out!
On May 26th, my birthday, Kimberly and Jeffrey, with willing hearts were married. My husband Dion and I had the privilege of being the witnesses. But we all know that there were MANY witnesses in this sweet family’s life. Many willing hearts, supporting and caring for “God’s Masterpiece”. Much like the museum keepers of priceless works of art, we the church, are to be keepers of HIS priceless masterpieces, created in HIS own image. Will you allow your heart to be willing?


Jeffrey and Kimberly with Cities4Life volunteers Dion and Jennifer
Jeffrey and Kimberly with Love Life Mentors Chandra and Matt
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