Calling All Mentors!


Mentoring-ImageEver thought about being a part of the ministry of Cities4Life yet didn’t think that sidewalk counseling is right for you? Well, below Cities4Life sidewalk counselor and team lead, Vicky Kaseorg, shares of a wonderful way that you can volunteer with this ministry and be a part of saving lives:

Being an abortion mill sidewalk counselor is not for everyone. Yet, many people are pro-life and want to help. What can they do?

Guess what!? We have a solution for you! Currently, the sidewalk counselors not only are dedicating several hours each week to standing on the frontline of life and death decisions, but also follow and intercede in the lives of the women who choose life. I am currently involved with four moms who chose life, two of them with multiple and overwhelming needs. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel called to do it, and frankly, walking alongside those moms and helping them make better choices in life is very gratifying. But, it is also very hard, and very time consuming, and many counselors burn out quickly.

Cities4Life is committed to providing these moms with the support they need in a variety of areas from the moment of decision for life until their baby is past toddlerhood. We need mentors that are willing to step in once the counselors have helped the moms choose life. The mentors would be the contact person for the new mom in helping her to use the Cities4Life resources to find a church, find a doctor, improve their living situation, and pursue financial counseling. The mentor provides emotional support and encouragement, helps coordinate baby showers, and is available as a friend during the inevitable rocky portions of the mom’s journey. Cities4Life is networked with all these resources through our Life Network, but a mentor could help the new mom plug into the services that she needs.

Nearly every day, at least one mom saved from the horror of abortion will text me, sometimes just to say hello, so that she knows she is not alone in this. Another will text asking for a Bible verse to help her cope with a rough day. Another will text asking when her baby shower will be scheduled, because she needs something to look forward to during the challenging times. And then there are the texts that keep me going:

“Will you come see my baby when she is born?”

“Will you come to my baby shower?”

“I’m so glad God sent you so I would feel this little miracle inside kicking me.”

“I need a friend. Are you busy?”

Would you be that friend? Are you too busy?

We need women and men for these mentor volunteer positions all across North Carolina and South Carolina, no matter how small your hometown! If God is tugging at your heart, please contact Lisa Metzger, our Outreach Coordinator at and tell her you want to help change two lives, as a mentor to a mother who chose to let her baby live.

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  1. Cynthia Jentz

    I live in Fort Mill, I would like to help. Need advice on how. I do have a listening ear and willing heart.

    • Melissa Pellew

      Cynthia, God bless with for your willing heart to help us in this endeavor! You will be contacted shortly by our Outreach Coordinator.

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