The Brightest Light in America’s Darkness


This article originally written by David Benham for World Net Daily:

let-it-shine-3-aspirers-campNo matter how spiritually dark it may get in today’s culture, just remember – you can be a voice. You can make a difference. All you have to do is just shine the light.

When you go to bed at night, do you turn the darkness on, or turn the lights off?

When you open a closet door, does the darkness from the closet fill the room, or the light from the room fill the closet?

You get the point: Light is greater than darkness. And the only way darkness prevails is when the light is turned off. As our good friend, Dr. Michael Brown, says, “The problem today is not the presence of darkness. It’s the absence of light.”

So when you step up to be a voice for truth and start shining God’s light, you will make a difference, because light always overcomes the darkness.

We’re watching this happen in our home state of North Carolina – and we’re not talking about the controversy around HB2 and the pushback against radical bathroom bills. We’re talking about the light of God’s love shining at three local abortion clinics in our hometown of Charlotte.

Hundreds of Christians from various denominations have joined hands under the banner of Cities4Life to help bring healing to abortion-bound mothers who feel they have no other choice – and the results are unprecedented.

Since 2010, when Cities4Life began, we’ve seen more than 3,300 mothers choose life for their unborn babies! And the follow-up ministry from organizations like Truth & Mercy Ministries (baby showers), Monroe HELP Center (pregnancy care), Option Adoption (adoption facilitation) and others has been incredible.

The outpouring of Christian love for these mothers and sweet unity among believers has shined God’s light so brightly in our state that even the Washington Times has taken note. Check out the Times’ headline after the North Carolina Department of Health released our state’s abortion statistics: “NC’s drop in abortions is among nation’s sharpest since 2010.”

When Christians in our city decided to shine the light of God’s love into the darkest places – our three abortion clinics – the light of God overcame the darkness of death by over 26 percent! There’s no denying it – we’re winning.

Because light is stronger than darkness, all we have to do is flip it on.

Our good friend and young entrepreneur, Justin Reeder, is a great example of this. He started a campaign called Love Life Charlotte this year, where he mobilizes churches across denominational lines to adopt a week for life in our city. It begins with the pastor preaching about life on Sunday. Then he asks the congregation to pray/fast on Wednesday, and finally he gathers the church for a prayer walk at the clinic on Saturday. And the churches are pouring out in support.

We feel it’s just a matter of time before abortion will end in our city, because mamas who feel they have no other choice will have so many churches from which to choose, and they are ready to help her and her family, whatever the cost. When Christians shine the light, darkness has to flee.

No matter how dark it seems today, it’s time we stand up and shine God’s light. We can be a voice, we can make a difference, we can save lives, and we can be involved.

Here’s a quick video of what’s happening in our city. You can be the light too!

You can also check out the trailer to a new pro-life movie we’ve endorsed called “Voiceless.” It’s shining the light, too!


About David Benham

David and Lori Benham serve together in the pro-life movement in areas such as sidewalk counseling, community awareness, fundraising, church life networking and political support. The family is involved in every aspect of Cities4Life and their comprehensive vision ties each moving part of this movement together.

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