Overwhelmed: Baby Shower Blessings


Cities4Life™ was honored to host a baby shower this past Monday for a mom, “E”, who chose life back in June. This young lady and her mother, “S”, met sidewalk counselors at the Hebron abortion clinic, and was then brought to the mobile medical unit across town, at Latrobe, for counseling and an ultrasound. “E” chose life that day for her 12 week old baby, and has since been followed up with by sidewalk counselors. She is set to have her baby girl next month.


When we arrived at the shower, and started bringing in the van load (no exaggeration) of gifts, this young lady and her mother started weeping. “E” told us that she has been so worried about providing for this new baby, and that she has been buying a little bit at a time with each paycheck, just to ensure that she has basic things she needs for this baby. She was OVERWHELMED by the provision of God, through the Church, that she was blessed with.

As she opened each bag, filled with clothing from 0-24 months, bottles, sippy cups, bibs, diapers, wipes, towels, washcloths, formula, spoons, plates, baby soap, hairbows, (and the list goes on and on), she was so grateful for each and every item. The big items such as bassinet, playpen, bouncy seat, high chair, car seat and stroller were also provided. It was such a joy to watch the relief and weight of worry slip from this mother’s face, as she saw that everything she needed, was there. She had no idea, when we said we would provide baby items up to 2 years of age, that we really meant it.

During the shower, we were able to reflect on the day that we met them. I listened to “S”, as she described the fear and doubt they were feeling as they drove to the Hebron Street abortion center that morning. “E” has a 2 year old little girl, that was born at 23 weeks (Miracle Baby!) and was so scared that this baby wouldn’t make it full-term either, and that she couldn’t handle 2 children as a single mom. She said that as she day at the abortion center, she listened to the preacher on the microphone speak about how God cared about that precious life hanging in the balance, and about how God could provide for every need they had if they would just trust Him, and about the practical resources we offer. She knew he was right, and agreed with every word he said, but they still went in.  

When they came out a short time later, realizing that they could not go through with abortion, they walked out to the man on the microphone and asked for help. He jumped in his car and led them over to the HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center mobile ultrasound unit parked at the abortion clinic on Latrobe Drive, where they were met by HELP volunteers and Cities4Life sidewalk counselors who ministered to them, connected them with resources in the area where they live, and have followed up with them, to ensure they are doing well. 

“S” says that she has seen her daughter grow closer to the Lord throughout this pregnancy. They have learned to lean on Him for strength, comfort, and support. They both are so grateful. Grateful that there was someone there that day to remind them that God has not left, nor forsaken them. Grateful for the support they have received throughout this pregnancy.  Grateful for the provision of God, through simple tangible items provided by the body of Christ. Grateful that they are growing closer to the Lord through this entire experience. And grateful that her baby girl is still growing safely in her womb. And we, at Cities4Life, are grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside this precious young lady, and for another testimony of a life transformed through God’s grace!

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Phillipians 4:19

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