April Newsletter


A Word From Our Director

Dealing with the effects of this virus and the various implications of it has been a challenge for everyone. Your family has likely been affected economically, socially, and even spiritually. I do however want to encourage you to let the Lord teach you something in the midst of all of this. The Lord has certainly taught me a few things. I’ve learned even more to value relationships and human interactions. I’ve learned to more deeply value fellowship with our local church and to find greater stability and hope in the Word of God.

It seems that the whole world is shrouded in fear and panic. As I mentioned, all of us are struggling, but many of us will make it financially and come out on the other side. However, many of the women we encounter at the abortion centers don’t feel like there’s an other side to come out on. They are afraid of the future and have very little stability in normal situations much less in a global pandemic. As believers, we know that the Gospel brings hope, and that there are resources to meet needs. Unfortunately, many of these women don’t know that.

Sadly, we’ve seen an increase in abortions in the weeks since the coronavirus came to the shores of the U.S. It’s hard to say exactly why there’s an increase but there’s no doubt that increased fear and uncertainty plays a part in these women’s decision to come to an abortion center. That is why is it essential that our Cities4Life teams maintain our outreach at the abortion centers in our city.

You’ve likely read about cities cracking down on folks that purportedly violate stay-at-home orders. I want to assure you that Cities4Life and our partner ministries are doing everything within our power to abide by CDC guidelines as well as stay-at-home orders. These recommendations and orders do leave allowance for essential organizations to maintain operations. Regrettably, that does include abortion centers, but it also includes organizations like Cities4Life. As such we have been and fully intend to continue to be on the sidewalks bringing the HOPE of the Gospel and practical HELP to those arriving at the abortion centers.

Please commit to holding our ministry up in prayer. Also, as you can imagine, financial support decreases in a crisis like we are facing. If you are able to come alongside Cities4Life with a donation, this is a time when we could really use your help. Thank you for standing with us for LIFE.

In Christ,

Daniel Parks

They Were Afraid But Cities4Life Helped

Just a few days ago, Cities4Life counselors called out to a somber man standing on the porch of the abortion center. After listening for some time, he finally walked over. He shared that his wife was facing medical issues and that he had just lost his job due to coronavirus. They had no money for her medical needs. They were both terrified. As much as the thought of abortion distressed him, he was concerned that he may lose his wife because of the child she carried.

Our counselor told him we could get him free medical advice, free prenatal care, and a wealth of resources to help. He was most interested in the free medical advice and prenatal care. 

“How soon could you call that doctor?” he asked. 

“Now,” the counselor assured him. 

The doctor answered the phone immediately and agreed to speak with the panicked young man. The doctor assured him that he would see him for free and would help him and his wife. They did not need to kill their child.

When he got off the phone, we urged him to go into the abortion center quickly and get his wife out of that place of death. The abortionist had already arrived. The man hurried in and brought his wife to us.

She was very abortion-minded, but despite her fears, she agreed to see her baby on the ultrasound. Because of the medical concerns that the RV nurse could not address on the mobile unit, we sent her immediately to a Pregnancy Resource Center in the university area. They were able to test her, diagnose her, and provide any needed treatment. 

The young couple will be seen for ongoing care through the Monroe Help Pregnancy Center free medical clinic.  Through Cities4life and other ministries, they will receive a wealth of resources that deal with every obstacle they faced. If we had not been there, this couple who actually wanted the baby would have aborted.

Volunteer Spotlight

My decision to become a sidewalk counselor started off as a girl who was just searching for the truth. Before stepping on the sidewalk, I had no clue what an abortion was. I just heard that it hurt babies and I wanted to save them.  As a little girl, I followed my mom as she temporarily opened her home for childcare services. She has two adopted siblings (my aunt and uncle). Then, when I turned 15, I got my first official job that led me to become a Summer Camp Counselor, assisting kids who were elementary school-aged to middle school-aged from various backgrounds including kids with autism, separated parents, foster kids, etc. It was not an easy job. Each child had different circumstances, but I loved working with each and every one of them because at the end of the day, they would always teach me something new and make me a better person.  read more…

Coming in April…

April is a month for LIFE. It’s when we start to see the bees buzzing around and the birds singing their little hearts out. It seems everything comes back to life. On a more somber note, it’s a month that abortions typically increase. With whittled down teams due to coronavirus, it will be even more of a challenge to reach those going into the abortion centers. Please pray for our teams and for wisdom as we try and keep our teams to a minimum to help #slowthespread while still remaining as effective as possible.

On the Gospel-Centered Pro-Life podcast, we are talking about the effects of the coronavirus on pro-life ministry. We also have what we think will be a very encouraging podcast with one of our moms that chose LIFE. We’ve gotten some great feedback from those who listen to the podcast but we’d like to hear from you as well. Shoot us an email and let us know what you like and some ideas for other topics we could cover.

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