An Instant Answer to Prayer at the Abortion Center


Honestly, it didn’t look good. One of our counselors, Kaila, was happy the car driver rolled down the window to talk with her, and accepted the Cities4Life literature with photos of babies at various gestational ages and list of resources. The driver, the mom of the pregnant young woman in the passenger seat, smiled sadly. As soon as she took the literature, the passenger began screaming in anger, grabbed the literature and threw it out the window. The “pro-choice” crowd laughed.

The angry woman ignored our pleas and hurried into the abortion center. Surprisingly, after we continued to call out not only to her but to others entering the clinic, the young lady’s mother walked over to us. She was instantly tearful, and told us she didn’t want her daughter to abort her grandchild. She had tried to talk her out of it to no avail.

I shared with her the different things she could tell her daughter, and urged her to take our booklet. I described the development of a child her grandchild’s gestational age. 

“I tried to tell her the baby has ten fingers and toes,” the woman said. “She told me a midwife said it was just an avocado with no developed body parts.”

“It is the size of an avocado,” I said, “But the baby has fingers and toes, vocal cords, a brain, brain waves, can feel pain and respond to touch, every organ in place…tell her that.”

“I can’t,” the woman said, tears dripping from her eyes, “I don’t want to increase her burden.”

“I understand,” I said, “But NOW is the time to increase her burden. That baby will die if no one intercedes. Increase her burden and perhaps she will choose life. If she goes through with the abortion, then you can shower her with unconditional love. Now is the time to take a stand. Tell her abortion is wrong.”

Kaila said, “Ask her to do it for you.”

“Do you believe in God?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Does your daughter?”


“Then tell her the Bible is clear. She is defying a holy and righteous God and doing what she knows is wrong before God.”

“If I show her these pictures, she will be even more upset.”

“Of course…because they show her that baby is unmistakably a little human being. If she won’t look at the pictures, describe that baby and its development. Tell her that a baby your grandchild’s age will be ripped apart, limb by limb and then the skull crushed in an abortion. It is a violent horrific end for that baby, without anesthesia.”

The woman looked downcast, and defeated. She shook her head. She could not do it.

“May we pray with you?” I asked.

She nodded.

Kaila and I prayed with her, and asked God to empower her to go in the clinic, and to fight for her grandchild. We asked that God would change her daughter’s heart.

“We will keep praying,” I said, handing her the booklet. “God is with you. Do you think you can try again and get your daughter to come out?”

“I think so.” She took the booklet and went slowly back to the clinic. As she went back inside, Kaila and I prayed again.

A short time later, she came out, followed by her daughter. The two sat in the car. The daughter was clearly screaming, and waving her hands about. Then every so often, she dabbed at her eyes. She was crying. They talked a long time and then, tragically, the daughter returned to the clinic. The mother sat in the car, immobile.

I got on our microphone to speak to all the women, but especially to that one young lady. I shared Biblical truth about the sanctity of life, listed the resources we offer, described human development in the womb, including the fact that as early as 17 days the baby’s heart is beating.

While I was speaking, the mother got out of the car and came to me. I turned off the mic.

“I want to give you my card,” the mother said. “I want to volunteer with your organization.”
I took her card and hugged her. She told me what her daughter had said while they sat in the car.

“She won’t change her mind,” the sad mother told me.

“It is not over,” I told her, “Do not give up. You are a praying woman who loves God. Pray hard. And every so often, go back in that clinic and empower your daughter. Remind her she can be a wonderful mother. She can do this. She can follow God. And YOU be empowered: God is with you.”

She nodded, and returned to the car. Then, to my surprise, she went back in the clinic.

She came out, this time a resolute expression on her face as she came to us.

“I am standing with you all on this side,” she said, “I will pray with you.”

I wish I had a picture of this brave woman standing with us on the sidewalk, facing the abortion center. The other volunteers who had not heard what I said earlier to her now told the woman the same thing: She could still come out. Don’t give up. Pray.

I went back on the mic, speaking for the life of that little baby and all the little babies destined to die at the request of their mothers. The woman stood with our volunteers, a new emotion etched on her face: courage, strength, confidence. 

And then the miracle.

Our volunteers surrounded the mother.

“Your daughter came out!”they told her.

She walked slowly to her daughter, we think perhaps to give the daughter more time to hear what I was saying on the mic!

They both got in the car. The back up lights came on. Slowly, she backed up, and then turned her car to leave that terrible place of death. I put down the microphone and approached the car, but the mom smiled and waved me back.

I got this. It was clear that was her message to me.

As she drove away, the other volunteers told me that the woman who stood on the sidewalk with them was a different woman than the frightened woman who first approached us and said she would not burden her daughter. She was a woman empowered by God, and as soon as she stood with us in prayer for her grandchild, the daughter walked out of the clinic.


There are countless hours we know we are obeying God in speaking for the unborn, but we do not see visible fruit of our efforts.  Then there are days like this, when God opens the floodgates of blessings on a quiet, humble woman who offers a prayer of faith, firm in her conviction that she is standing exactly where God would have her stand. If you would like to get involved and stand for LIFE in our city join us for our volunteer open house on May 10. Click below to sign up.

Vicky Kaseorg

About Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg is a sidewalk counselor and Volunteer Coordinator with Cities4Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at

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