The Cost of Abortion in Charlotte NC…


abortion cost in charlotte ncWhat does an abortion cost in Charlotte NC?

Carolina Center for Women – Wendover

Pill 8 weeks or less LMP $500
Surgical 5-16 weeks LMP $300-$600


Family Reproductive Health – Hebron
Pill 8 weeks or less LMP $600
Surgical up to 12.6 weeks $360


A Preferred Women’s Health Center – Latrobe (Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic)
Pill 10 weeks or less by LMP $400
Surgical up to 12 weeks $350
Increases as weeks go up <$1,650

THE BIGGER QUESTION: What is the true cost of abortion? For many women circumstances that come about in their lives can be overwhelming, so much so that when a crisis pregnancy situation happens they immediately think, “I need to get rid of this problem.” and they desperately search for the nearest abortion clinic. The reality is that abortion isn’t a simple solution to the problem because the problem is not a baby.

Although its not always easy to carry a child and either parent that child or place the child for adoption still yet you have to remember this is a unique human being that God made for a purpose and just as precious as your life is to the One who made you, your baby’s life is precious also. So the true cost of abortion isn’t found in a certain amount of money but the loss of a priceless life.

In addition to the lives of the children that are lost to abortion are the countless women who’s lives are ruined by making a rash and irreversible decision to abort. Beyond the mental and physical repercussions are the spiritual ones. There is a God loves each one of us but He is also holy and will punish sin. Abortion is truly a sin against God because it takes the life of an innocent baby.

Thankfully He has made a way of escape for you if you find yourself in a situation where you are contemplating having an abortion. We have a network of ministries and churches that would love to help you in your time of need. Click here to find resources in your area or send us an email and we will get you connected with the help you need in your area.

Also you can chat with a live person about your pregnancy at

Pregnancy help

Or Call 1(800)712-4357

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