Abortion-A Man’s Issue?


Many men believe the lie that abortion is just a woman’s issue, and that men really have no place in the conversation. I’ve had enough experience doing ministry at local abortion centers to know that abortion is a man’s issue too. Practically speaking, I’ve certainly seen how men have a great deal to do with whether or not women have abortions. Over the years I’ve literally talked to hundreds of young men who either brought their girlfriend to the abortion center or came along with them. I’ve talked to men who are the driving force behind her having the abortion, using his influence to pressure her into the abortion, and I’ve also embraced young men who were broken and weeping over the fact that their girlfriend is having an abortion and they don’t feel that they can do anything to stop it. 

A few days ago while with our sidewalk counseling team at the Latrobe abortion center one of our volunteers called me over. There was a young man sitting in his car with his door opened. He was listening to the help and truth that the ladies were offering, but not really willing to come over to have a conversation. “He needs a guy to talk to him!” One of our lady volunteers said, encouraging me to reach out to him. Sure enough, as soon as I called out to him “Hey man, would you come over and talk with me?” He responded “Sure. Man, you guys are persistent!” I told him our persistence is because we know the destruction that abortion brings and we just want to help him and his girlfriend get the help they need.

I could tell right away that this young man was struggling. He began to pour out his heart and share how abortion is the last thing he wanted, but since it’s her body he really doesn’t have any say so. I lovingly but firmly refuted that lie because the truth is he has more sway than he realizes. Many times, the truth is that the abortion-minded women doesn’t want a man who just goes along with the decision to abort, they are waiting for a man who will stand up for what they both know is right. I’ve learned this from talking to hundreds, maybe even thousands of women who came for abortions over the years. So, I encouraged this young man to express his heart to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, at that point, it was already too late. Abortion seemed inevitable. 

Realizing at that point that there wasn’t anything this young man could do to get his girlfriend out of the abortion center I began to share the Gospel with him. He came from a very troubled past and had some deep wounds that needed healing. When sharing the Gospel with someone, especially men in front of an abortion clinic, I always use the immediate scenario, the abortion clinic, to relate certain truths. In James 1:14-15 the Bible lays out the progression of sin, and how sin brings death. I shared with him, again very graciously because he was already broken, how it is his sin of sex outside of marriage that lead him to the place he is. It didn’t take much convincing for him to see the destructive nature of his sin. After showing him Psalm 51 and how king David repented before God for his sin this young man’s eyes were full of tears. It was apparent that God’s word was preparing the soil of his heart.

But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.                               
-James 1:14-15


Praying with ‘M’

I’m not one to try and convince someone to “just say this prayer after me.” and seal the deal. Sometimes people need to feel the weight of their sin so they see clearly that they can’t save themselves. I did pray for him and then strongly encourage him to confess his sins to the Lord and ask Jesus to give him a new heart. I could see the fight in his mind. I could see the battle going on in his heart. He was literally on the brink of surrendering his life to Jesus right there in front of the abortion center but something was holding him back. I’m not sure what it was that was holding him back but I trust that the Lord will continue His work in this young man’s heart. I gave him my contact info and a great little booklet from Ray Comfort called “Save Yourself Some Pain”. God graciously shows us victories on a regular basis, but sometimes the victory is just being willing to plant seeds of truth and then trust the Lord for the harvest. Please pray for this young man, his first name starts with ‘M’. Also, pray for his girlfriend who apparently went through with the abortion.

Just like I began this blogpost I want to end it with an encouragement to men. You do have an important role in reaching those going into the local abortion centers. Maybe you think that since it’s primarily women that we encounter, maybe you can’t be effective in sidewalk counseling. That is so far from that truth. Some of our most effective volunteers are men, young and old, who have a heart to bring the hope of the Gospel to men and women at the local abortion centers. Anyone can serve and be an effective sidewalk counselor, you just have to be willing to let the Lord use you.

Maybe you truly can’t be on the sidewalks for whatever reason. Why not consider other ways you can be a part of the work that God is doing at the abortion clinics in our city? You can stand in prayer one day a week for one of our sidewalk counseling teams or you could financially support this ministry with a one-time or even monthly gift. It cost us about $35 a month to train, equip, and sustain a sidewalk counselor. A tax-deductible gift of just $35 a month would help ensure a well-trained Cities4Life sidewalk counselor will be there to speak with those going into the abortion centers. Just click one of the buttons below. Your prayers and financial support is urgently needed and much appreciated.

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