A Tiny Voice of Faith and Hope


I must admit that when I saw the lady who had to be eighty-years-old, driving a young woman into the abortion center I was taken aback. I don’t normally expect elderly people to support abortion. Most of them have a reverence for life since they have so little of it left themselves. At least that is my bias and general experience.

Fortunately, one of our new Cities4Life counselors was able to hand the Grandma our informational pamphlet with our list of resources, scripture, facts about abortion, and baby development. When they walked into the clinic, we called out to them, assuring them we had help.

“Ma’am, is it your grandchild or great grandchild maybe in the womb that is at risk today? Please, let us help you,” I pleaded.

She glanced my way, but walked in anyway.

A few minutes later, the two of them returned to their car and drove out of the abortion center lot. They rolled down their window as they pulled alongside where I was standing.

“Would you like to come see your baby on our mobile ultrasound unit now?” I asked.

The young girl nodded, tears in her eyes. As I walked them to the RV, the grandmother of the young lady introduced herself. I will call her Karen. She whispered, “I don’t believe in abortion. I just don’t know what to do. My granddaughter is emotionally unstable, and a drug addict. Her boyfriend is an alcoholic and wants her to abort. And he’s mean. What life will that baby have?”

I assured her we would be able to help. One of our new RV counselors, Courtney, was shadowing me as part of our training process that day. I didn’t even know till we were on the RV that she has a specialty in counseling addiction issues in her private practice! But of course God knew.

He always does.

The young lady, Dalia, (not actual name), revealed a long list of tragic and sorrowful circumstances. She felt alone in the world despite her family’s love because she could not overcome the feelings of depression and self-hatred for her weakness in addictions. She had done terrible things, for which she could not forgive herself.

When she finished speaking, I told her that every obstacle she had raised could be addressed with specific help. I told her that after her ultrasound, we would discuss solutions to every issue, but for now, I knew of a Christian, drub rehab, residential maternity center that would take her in for free. It was several states away, but I would call and see if they had an opening. Perhaps at least she could get on a waiting list.

She said that was way out of her comfort zone, and she would not go even if they did have an opening. I told her let me explore options while the nurse, Valerie, took her medical records. Courtney reminded Dalia to keep an open mind for all possibilities for now.

I contacted the facility who miraculously had an open bed. They would take her.

Valerie found the little baby on the ultrasound immediately and showed incredible video of the child waving, kicking, and apparently hiccuping. This was just a 9-week-old baby, the size of a bean, yet a perfect complete little human. The little heart was pumping away, and the baby almost appeared to be dancing to its rhythm.


The anguished, tearful Dalia smiled as she watched her child cavorting. She told us she had come to abort this precious baby three different times. Each time, God turned her away. One of the times was the impossible snow and sleet storm in April! I remembered the storm well as our team was frozen on the sidewalks of the abortion center that day!

“So, is that it now?” I asked laughing. “Are you done coming back here yet?”

“I guess God has been showing me He doesn’t want me to do this,” she said. “I’m done.”

Valerie, Courtney, and I all shared the Gospel, and especially the truth of God’s love and forgiveness. This young woman had no problem recognizing her sin or the need for a penalty for that sin. What she struggled with is that Jesus loved her so much that He paid the penalty for her once and for all and all her past was washed clean. She was forgiven. He took her burdens upon Himself.

Then one by one, we showed how Cities4Life and our partner ministries could help overcome each of her obstacles.

“But I can’t go to that residential treatment place,” she said.

I gave her a list of many detox centers to call, though I told her that the one several states away was perfect in every way for meeting the obstacles she had listed. It was her decision, but I encouraged her not to reject any idea yet.

Having counseled many addicted women over the years, I know the struggles and the extreme difficulty of overcoming terrible choices and addictions. I knew that despite her choice for life, she faced a long hard road.

The grandmother Karen hugged me long and hard as they prepared to head back home.

“Thank you all of you for being here,” she said. “And thank you especially for all the love you all have shown.”

Later that afternoon, Dalia called me.

“Vicky…I think I’d like to go to that residential rehab place you talked about,” she said in a tiny voice.

A tiny voice, but a huge leap of faith and hope.


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Vicky Kaseorg

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Vicky Kaseorg is a sidewalk counselor and Volunteer Coordinator with Cities4Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at vickykaseorg.blogspot.com.

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