A Testimony of Life


“When I met Ethan and Tracy (names changed for privacy) at the abortion clinic in Charlotte, they felt they had to abort because they were afraid there would be something wrong with their baby due to some unhealthy choices they had made in the recent past. Later, they also shared that they were receiving strong pressure from Ethan’s mom to have the abortion, which in turn caused Ethan to put pressure on Tracy. She confided in me that she really didn’t want to have an abortion and was hoping there would be something to change Ethan’s mind.

Another sidewalk counselor first called out to Ethan when she saw him standing outside the clinic and he agreed to go inside and bring Tracy out for an ultrasound. I went on board the RV from HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center with them where the nurse and I listened, answered questions, and counseled them. When it was time to go back for the ultrasound, they were both nervous that there wouldn’t be a heartbeat or that something else would be wrong with the baby. We prayed with them, and then they said they were ready. Their ultrasound was one of the clearest I have ever seen, and the nurse immediately found a good, strong heartbeat! Both parents were ecstatic and I literally watched them fall in love with their baby over the next couple of minutes.

By the time the ultrasound was over, there was no doubt in either of their minds. When the nurse asked them what they thought now, they both replied without hesitation, “He’s our baby. We’re keeping him!” They still had some concerns and things to work through, but they could not deny the reality of what they had just seen. They left with a list of resources in their area, a bag of gifts, and our phone numbers.

Tracy had told me that she had nothing for their baby, so I contacted Sheryl Chandler of Truth and Mercy Pro-Life Ministries who throws baby showers for moms in need and she agreed to do a shower for them. Three weeks later, I met Ethan and Tracy at Sweet Pea 3D Imaging Center for an ultrasound to determine their baby’s gender so that we could begin preparing for the baby shower. They had both felt like the baby was going to be a boy, and they were right! During the ultrasound, Ethan asked if he could move closer to the screen on the wall where the ultrasound image was being projected. It seemed he wanted to get as close to his son as he could. It was a very special and touching moment as I watched daddy bonding with his unborn son.

That weekend, Tracy texted to let me know that her mom had passed away. I told her, “It seems like it is at those times in our lives when we have made some good steps that the trials really come. I like this saying that I once heard: ‘The night is darkest just before the dawn’. Stay strong!” Besides choosing life, she had recently made some other good choices and changes, and I knew the enemy would be glad to use this situation to discourage her. In our communication through her time of grieving, there was always a bright spot in her life . . . her son. What a blessing that she could have hope through that difficult time instead of the regret and guilt of abortion.

Over the next three months, Tracy and I have stayed in close contact. Among other things, she kept me updated on doctor’s visits and was amazed each time. “I’m just so thankful and excited he’s healthy so far!!”, she said once. And another time, “So thankful to have been so blessed especially with little man being healthy and growing so good!” God has continued to answer our prayers for the health and safety of their son.


This past weekend, Sheryl and I travelled to South Carolina for the baby shower. Ethan and Tracy were both very grateful for everything that we brought. They have a tiny apartment and the gifts took up quite a bit of the floor space! While we were carrying gifts inside from the van, tears came to Ethan’s eyes as he thanked us profusely. We were also able to share the gospel with them over lunch. They were both raised in church and are very knowledgeable about God, even beyond what most of the moms and dads we meet at the abortion clinic are. They seemed to understand the importance of repentance, asking for forgiveness, and God’s justice towards sin. However, they did admit that they know that they are not living completely how God wants them to. We shared the truth of God’s Word and left them with some things to think about.

Ethan and Tracy’s story is not finished yet. We pray and trust that they will allow God to continue writing the beautiful story that He has begun!”

We are so thankful for testimonies like this one from one of our faithful sidewalk counselors, Anna Misko!  Anna and her family serve with our Monday team in front of Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic.  And what a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ coming together to support and provide for this young couple in need.

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