Regret, Restoration, Healing

Cities4Life’s mission is to show the transforming love of Jesus Christ in our attempts to reach abortion-minded moms. However, if a woman makes that terrible choice to abort, we are still available and ready to pray with them, and offer them spiritual mentors and resources to help them confront head-on the world view and situations that led them to such a dark place.   Even through the regret of abortion can come restoration and healing through the truth of Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross!
The “pro-choice” movement would have one believe that women do not regret abortions, and that it is our presence on the sidewalk that causes them guilt and grief. This view cannot explain why Janice (not her real name) came to us for help a few weeks ago following her abortion.
“They lied to me!”she cried, as she came to me. She was weeping, as so many post-abortive women do. It took me a little time to decipher her story. She had aborted three weeks ago, but was still testing positive for pregnancy. She had had a surgical abortion, so assumed that was impossible. Immediately after the abortion, she deeply regretted what she had done. She became terribly depressed and believed she was going to hell.
When she was still experiencing pregnancy signs, she did a home pregnancy test. Positive? How could that be?
“Maybe God is giving me a second chance,” she said.
She returned to the abortion center, not knowing who else to turn to. Was the baby still alive? The ultrasound technician in the center did an ultrasound. Janice told us they were rude to her, and unkind. They stated the findings were, “Inconclusive.”
Inconclusive? In a surgical abortion the baby is suctioned from the woman’s body, and the powerful suction often rips the living baby into pieces. Afterwards, the center’s workers are required to count the baby pieces to be sure the entire baby is removed. There should be no doubt if the abortion is successful or not.
“They gave me pills,” Janice told us, “I don’t know what they were. They didn’t tell me. They told me take these and if I want to, I can come back in a few weeks for another check up.”
I could barely contain my fury. Apparently, neither could Janice.
I saw you guys parked out here and I know they are lying to me in there. What were those pills? I didn’t take them. What if my baby is alive? What if God is giving me another chance??”
Due to restrictions on the ultrasounds we can do with someone presenting the issues Janice faced, our nurse could not do an ultrasound. However, after gathering information, she recommended Janice go to an emergency room immediately. Then she contacted the doctor who works with our ministry to consult with him and ask if he could see this distraught woman. He agreed.
While the nurse was on the phone discussing the medical recommendations, I spoke with the women about her situation, what had led to the abortion, why she so regretted it, and about her depression and fear of God who she felt would have nothing to do with her now. I shared the truth of the Gospel and the forgiveness of God who welcomes us back with open arms when we truly repent and humbly return to Him.  
She prayed with the nurse and me, in between heaving cries of sorrow to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life. We spoke of how God empowers us with His Holy Spirit to walk in newness of life and in His strength when we submit our lives to Him. When we finished praying, she thanked us, and told us that no matter what happened now, we had helped her and she was very grateful. Comforted. Even at peace.
We told her about our mentorship program through LoveLife Charlotte and how we could find her a friend, a mentor, a church who would embrace her and walk with her through this difficult time and beyond. She was shocked by the kindness offered to her after all she had been told about us by the abortion center workers and volunteers.
Sadly, the ER visit revealed the abortion had been botched. Tissue remained decaying in this women’s body. More drugs were prescribed to complete the abortion.
Janice texted me that night to tell us of the sad conclusion. “But I want to thank you for all you did. I have hope in God now.
Since one third of all abortions are repeat abortions, it is critical that we reach not only those who choose life, but those who tragically choose abortion. God alone can change or comfort the heart that ever thought a mother killing her own child was an acceptable choice.

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