Fear Turned to Faith


Last week 14 babies were saved from abortion, and 2 mom’s also trusted Jesus as their Savior!  Praise the Lord, God is doing wonderful things in Charlotte!  We wanted to share with you the incredible story of how one woman’s fear turned to faith.

This amazing story happened last Friday at Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic.  A young woman entering the clinic parking lot stopped to take some of our literature, and when we offered her a free ultrasound, she readily agreed.  After pulling out of the clinic parking lot and in behind the mobile medical unit from HELP Pregnancy Center, she got out of her car and fell into the arms of a Cities4Life sidewalk counselor sobbing.

Her story is like many of the other women who are headed into the abortion clinic.  She did not want to abort her baby, but felt totally alone and scared and lacked the support of family and friends.  After going over the extensive list of resources and after seeing her little baby on ultrasound, she fell in love.  She also heard the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and chose Him as Lord of her life as well!  She left the RV with hope, joy and peace.

All she needed was someone to be a voice of comfort, truth and encouragement.  And that’s just what our Cities4Life counselors do 6 days a week.  We bring the comfort of the Gospel, the truth of the destruction of abortion, and the encouragement that abortion is not the solution to a dire situation, there is help and hope through Jesus and His Church!  But what if we hadn’t been there?  I don’t even want to think about what would have happened, do you?

We could recount stories upon stories like this.  All because our sidewalk counselors are faithful to the call to love their neighbors as themselves.  Below are a few of the volunteer spotlights Vicky, Volunteer Coordinator, has compiled.  Please take a few minutes to read them, and if you feel the call to get involved, in any way, whether it be financially supporting our ministry, faithfully praying for us, or joining us on the frontlines, follow the links below for more information.  Thank you for your support!

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