From the Sidewalk: Where the Rubber Meets the Road


8 Babies were saved this past week here in Charlotte!  We give thanks to God for each one of those babies whose precious lives were saved!  We get asked a lot, what happens when a mom chooses life?  What does that mean?  Is it just another number, another notch on our belt, bragging rights?  After a mom chooses life is where the rubber meets the road, where we back up the promises we make to them to help them out of the difficult situations they are in.  Situations which many times led them to the abortion clinic in the first place.

Well the answer to those questions is different for every woman we encounter.  For many women we see choose life, they just want to leave the abortion clinic and forget they ever came. Many never stop to ask for help, or give us their follow up information.  Many will just give us a thumbs up or a friendly wave and say “I didn’t do it”.  But some do stop and ask for help, and we love to be able to follow up with them and make sure they have their spiritual and practical needs met.

One example of this happened just last week.  One of our sidewalk counselors got a text from a mom who chose life and is due to have her baby very soon, her air conditioning had gone out, and it was hot.  She asked, “Could we help me find a fan, or maybe a window unit?”  After putting out a plea on Facebook, the Body of Christ stepped up and donated 2 window units to this mom, and someone volunteered to deliver them and set them up!  In less than 24 hours this young lady had much needed relief from the sweltering heat. As our volunteer coordinator, Vicky, put it, “THIS is what the body of Christ is all about — people pouring out love and help to a mom in need, providing abundantly above and beyond what is asked.”

So when a mom stops and tells us she has chosen life, we usually try to get a few basic facts.  Inviting her to have an ultrasound is a great way to get to know her and assess her needs.  We want to know where she is from, if she belongs to a church, what her immediate needs are, what her family situation is like, and why she felt she needed to have an abortion.  These questions will help us get her plugged in with resources throughout her pregnancy.  We want to get her connected to a church to come alongside her, a pregnancy center where she can go for more community resources, our baby shower ministry to provide for the baby’s practical needs, and a Love Life mentor to follow up with her throughout her pregnancy.

-A note about our mentors.  We are so blessed to have Love Life Charlotte come along and really pick up the vision for a mentoring program for these women.  They connect women who are interested in being mentored with a mentor who will follow them through their pregnancy and beyond, helping meet needs, be a friend and counselor, and finding resources for them as needs arise.  This is an amazing answer to prayer, and takes this burden off our sidewalk counselors so their efforts can be focused on the frontlines.  For more information or to volunteer to be a mentor go here.-

These women are not just a number, not just another statistic in our eyes, they are human beings.  Each number represents a mom who made a decision to trust the Lord with the life in her womb and trust us to help her the best we can, and it represents a little boy or little girl who gets a chance to live instead of be thrown away like garbage.


Why even count numbers?  We do this to encourage those who labor, day in and day out, to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.  We also do this so that we can rejoice and thank God for the lives saved through the proclamation of His word and His provision through His people.  We give thanks to God for each of 168 babies (that we know of) whose lives have been spared this year!  For more information, to get involved or to support this ministry, please follow the links below.

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