God Is Moving, The Enemy Is Fighting


You may be wondering why you haven’t heard for us in a while, well It’s not because God hasn’t been moving. This season for Cities4Life has been very busy. So far this year we’ve seen 68 moms choose LIFE at the local abortion clinics! There are numerous testimonies that we could share of what God has done this year, and even some testimonies we would love to share but aren’t able to because of the sensitive nature of the situations. We’ve helped over 15 moms and families get practical resources through our baby shower ministry. Another glorious aspect of what God is doing at the abortion clinics is that we’ve had 4 people surrender their lives to Jesus through our efforts.

One powerful testimony, that I can’t share much detail on, is a young couple from out of the country. They already have a toddler and she unexpectedly became pregnant. With very little help, and some financial struggles, they figured abortion was the best option for them even though neither one of them really wanted that. After encountering our Monday team while pulling into the parking lot they did decide to go inside. But while inside, as they still struggled with the decision, God really spoke to them to come out and receive the help we were offering. They went onboard the H.E.L.P. mobile unit and received an ultrasound and some good counsel. As the Gospel was shared the father was struck with his need for a savior and prayed right there to surrender his life to Jesus. A few days later we were able to bring them some clothing they needed for their toddler from our Baby Shower ministry. Now we are helping them make much needed connections with other resources and encouraging them along the way. That’s just one story among many that we could share.

Because of all this it’s no surprise that the enemy is fighting tooth and nail to put a damper on our efforts. Over the past 6-7 months the “pro-choice” efforts at the abortion clinic have ramped up. These are people who come out almost daily to oppose and hinder our efforts at Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic. Apparently they are well connected with the local city government and have tried to come at us from every angle. We’ve had CMPD come out for various silly calls on us almost every day. City code enforcement has come out and threatened to write citations for our signs, including the signs directing women to the mobile ultrasound unit. And now the city is planning to place “no parking” signs along Latrobe Drive, so we will be unable to park the RV there. This is an obvious attempt from some pro-abortion city council members as well as Mayor Roberts to silence us and hinder our efforts at the clinic. To claim that us parking along the streets is a traffic hazard is absurd. In the 10+ years we have been out there, there has yet to be anything remotely close to a traffic accident caused by us parking either our vehicles or the mobile unit along Latrobe Drive.  And yet in spite of all this God continues to move and our volunteers continue to stand for LIFE.

We need your help, we’re asking for two things from you as a supporter of Cities4Life.

  1. Please PRAY for wisdom from heaven as we navigate through these legal obstacles. Also PRAY for us not to get distracted from our primary calling to proclaim the Gospel at these dark places.
  2. Please contact Mayor Roberts and city council about their decision to place “no parking” signs along Latrobe Drive.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support, as we move forward in this battle for LIFE!

   PRAY                                       PROCLAIM                                              PROVIDE

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