Mourning the lost, Celebrating LIFE


This past Sunday marked the 44th year that a mom’s right to end her baby’s life in the womb is the law of the land. Since the notorious trial of Roe Vs. Wade an estimated 60 million babies have lost their lives through abortion. In Charlotte alone an estimated 428,000+ babies have lost their lives since 1973. Monday, Cities4Life along with our ministry partner Love Life Charlotte held our annual Roe V. Wade memorial service. Though it is heart-wrenched to realize that our nation has been responsible for the death of so many of our own children, it was encouraging to see so many in our city rising up to be a voice for the voiceless children that die every day at the abortion clinics in our city. Our service on Monday was not only a memorial service but we are also celebrating the lives that were saved right at the very brink at the local abortion clinics. 428 families chose LIFE last year. For that we have good reason to rejoice.

IMG_7463We were so blessed to have one of the moms we helped choose LIFE come to share her testimony. V chose LIFE for her daughter about a year and a half ago. When we encountered her she, like most of the women we encounter, had various struggles that led her to the abortion clinic. After hearing the truth about abortion proclaimed on the sidewalk from inside of the abortion clinic, her heart was pricked and she came out. We were able to help her with a lot of the struggles she had and have been honored to become friends with her. She joined us on the sidewalks one Saturday to plead with
moms who were going into the clinic with similar situations to her. What a powerful testimony she gave Monday of the Lord’s redemption and provision for her and her children. She said, “When I went to the clinic that day, I was pretty steadfast that I was going through with the abortion but God touched my heart with people like you all.”

Another powerful testimony was from a young lady who has recently come onboard with Cities4Life as a IMG_7464sidewalk counselor. Katy has abortion in her past. She knows the destruction that abortion can bring but she also knows the power of the Gospel to wash away her past. She boldly proclaimed that though we all have wounds of the past “there is a ministry in our wounds.” God can take our experiences in the past and use us to lead others to Himself. The Lord is definitely doing just that through this young lady.

After her Sheryl Chandler, founder of Truth and Mercy Pro Life Ministry, pleaded with all those who have had an abortion to realize their sin and allow Jesus to wash it away by turning from it and to Him. Sheryl then prayed for those who have either had or been involved with an abortion to soften their hearts and turn to the Lord.

After these powerful testimonies we played “Tears of Abortion” which is a depiction of abortion from the perspective of a baby in the womb. If you haven’t watched this powerful video you need to but make sure you in a place people won’t think you are strange for breaking down in tears because you will.
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.47.26 PMFinally, we heard from Justin Reeder, Love Life Charlotte founder, aboutthat the Lord has done through their prayer walks and what is planned for 2017. If you’re church has not gotten onboard with Love Life Charlotte and their prayer walks at Charlotte’s busiesIMG_7466t abortion clinic please
contact them to get involved.

The event culminated in a short prayer walk in the center of the city. We asked to Lord continue to spur His church to action in our city as well as send revival and bring abortion to an end in Charlotte.

Thank you to all who attended.



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