Politics, Giant Despair, and The Gates of Hell


clinton_trump_splitWe’ve said many times that abortion has little to do with politics, but is primarily a spiritual issue. As a matter of fact we’ve stated that “abortion is a Gospel issue”. With the upcoming election, which many are saying is the most important election in our generation or even in the history of our great nation, there is a lot of fear and concern on both sides that if the other candidate gets in our nation is ruined. While elections are very important, and I agree this one is at least the most important in my lifetime, fear is not what drives me. And though I, like many others, am not at all thrilled with the either of candidates for president I realize that the presidency is not the only office that matters. There are still some local candidates that I am more than happy to give my vote to. But since abortion is a Gospel issue even godly local candidates can’t bring abortion to an end.

Because abortion is a Gospel issue I would say it’s not the political system’s job to end abortion it is the church’s job. Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” In this passage Jesus had just asked his closest followers, “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” Peter passionately replies, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!” Jesus’ response was not intended to establish Peter as the head of the church, it was to encourage all those that boldly profess Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ, the Son of the living God that their confidence in who He is will cause them to triumph in such a way that even the very gates of hell can’t stop them. So what are the gates of hell? Simply put gates represent the power or authority of a particular city or kingdom, in this case hell, and hell represents death. So we could paraphrase and say, “The power of death will not prevail against those who hold the testimony that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God.”


We live in a culture where the power of death is ravaging families and individuals. Some would say, and I would agree, that we are living in a “culture of death”. So according to God’s word what must be done to combat a culture of death? The church to rise up and take her place as those whom the gates of hell will not prevail against. We have to stop putting our confidence in fallible men and begin again to put our trust in God’s truth. The reason why the gates of hell often times prevail in our cities is because we believe the crafty lies of the enemy. “If you take a stand people will think you are crazy.” “If you speak out you won’t say the right things.” “One person can’t make a difference” “You don’t have the power to change things, only powerful politicians can make real changes.” The fact is, the political system is not qualified to stand against the power of death. If the church will begin again to take confidence in the promises of God the political system will be forced to catch up with the progress for LIFE that the church has made.

The fact is, the political system is not qualified to stand against the power of death. If the church will begin again to take confidence in the promises of God the political system will be forced to catch up with the progress for LIFE that the church has made.

pilgrims-giantWhen I hear all of the despairing from Church folks over the sad state of our nation and the hopelessness of the upcoming election, I can’t help but think of an episode in the classic “Pilgrim’s Progress”. Christian and Hopeful had strayed from the path because of weary feet and ultimately are captured by Giant Despair who throws them into the dungeon of his dwelling called “Doubting Castle”. After much mockery and abuse from Giant Despair, Christian and Hopeful where on the edge of taking their own lives when Christian cries out,

“What a fool am I, thus to lie in a stinking dungeon, when I may as well walk at liberty? I have a key in my bosom called Promise that will (I am persuaded) open any lock in Doubting Castle.” After plucking the key called Promise from his bosom he released he and his friend from the evil clutches of Giant Despair.

Church we need to wake up in this dungeon we’ve been in for so long. The giant despair has no claim on us. Doubting castle is not our dwelling place. And the gates of hell will not prevail against us. We have the key called promise around our neck. It is even written on our hearts, “The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ”.

So what am I saying? And what does this have to do with the election? In essence, we have to understand our place in this world, as salt and light, and as those called to combat darkness with light (Ephesians 5:11). Voting can be an important part of us shining our light but it isn’t the end all. Since Cities4Life got started we have seen over 3,500 babies saved around the country. Each of our Cities4Life chapters is made up of simple Christians just like you who have believed the promise that “The gates of hell will not prevail,” and step out in faith every week to be a voice for the voiceless in their cities and overcome the power of death with the LIFE of God.  Should you vote on November 8?  Absolutely!  Obviously whoever lines up most closely with biblical values.  But that’s not all, put your faith into real action, get out into your city and community and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.


PRAY                         PROTECT                  PROVIDE

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