Headline: Local Daycare Becomes House of Horrors


A local daycare, A Family Preferred Child Center, is under investigation for allegedly killing over 20 children every day over the past several weeks. What has been observed by bystanders are parents bringing their children, ranging from 6 months to 4 years, dropping them off, and never returning to pick them up. After further investigation sources have discovered that a local doctor, who claims he works there because he sees the suffering going on in local communities, is doing what he can to help. He also has a concern that overpopulation is causing a burden on our environment and our economy, so he’s trying to do his part to help out. He’s quoted as saying, “Many of these single moms and families already have enough children. If they are overburdened I want to help relieve them of that weight.” Parents bring their children to the daycare facility around 9:00am to allow them to play games and watch videos, and the doctor arrives just before lunchtime and gives each child an injection of potassium chloride to cause their hearts to stop beating.

When this news broke a local news crew went to the site to talk with parents about why they are bringing their children there knowing that just the day before 23 children who entered those doors didn’t leave alive. One young lady, who didn’t want to be named answered ,“I didn’t plan on having this kid. Right now I’m trying to focus on getting my life together and he’s just getting in the way!” A gentlemen that was seen exiting the building who also didn’t want to disclose his identity said, ”This is the third time me and my girlfriend had to do this. She’s in there right now getting our daughter checked in. I don’t agree with it but I’m going to support her in whatever she wants to do. After all, I already pay enough child support for my other kids.” Channel 8 news observed 27 child brought into the facility who never came back out.

church picA Pastor of a church, which is located just a few blocks away, when asked if he knew about the tragic things that are taking place just up the street from his place of worship said, ”Yeah, I’ve seen the folks going in and coming out over there, and I’ve heard there’s some heinous stuff happening in that place, but my church is called to be loving and not judgy. I don’t know what those parents are going through and what their reasons for dropping their kids off at that place are. We’re just here to be place for them to come if they need healing from their bad choices.”

The A Family Preferred Child Center will open again tomorrow morning at 9:00am. From all the information gathered over the last few weeks anywhere from 20-30 children will be drop off by their parents only to have their lives ended by lethal injection. Law enforcement’s hands are tied because a search warrant for a daycare facility is hard to obtain, according to police Chief Bobby Notmyjob. But we have to ask the question. What can be done? Surely someone can do something to stop this barbarity.


What if you read this story in your local news site? Would it make to sit up in your chair? Some of you got angry as you read this article, believing it to be a real news story. The sad fact is this article does convey the truth of what is going on here in Charlotte and in cities all over the U.S.  Everyday on average 20-30 babies die at just one abortion clinic 6 days a week in Charlotte. We know where it happens, we know when it happens. If there was a daycare doing this to child outside the womb would you stand for it? Would you be able to say ,”I’m not called to do that kind of ministry.”?

the church

God has called us, His people, to speak up for those that can’t speak for themselves. Proverbs 31:8-9. This is our ministry, this is our calling. God has called Cities4Life to encourage, challenge, and equip His people to be a Gospel presence at these local abortion clinics. If you are convicted by what you read then maybe now is the time to step out and join us in speaking up for the unborn. If you step out God will use you in mighty ways to shine the light of the Gospel and save lives.


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