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Many times we at Cities4Life ask for God to intervene before a mother ever even makes it to the abortion clinic. We pray that someone will come into her path and speak LIFE, and that she will never even keep her appointment with death.  The following is a story of just that.  A mom who had an appointment at a Charlotte abortion clinic, was connected with one of our Cities4Life sidewalk counselors, Lisa Metzger, who counseled her over the phone. Many other women also came alongside this mom to pray for her and encourage her. She chose LIFE for her precious daughter!  This is Tina’s story, written by her, in her own words.  She hopes it will encourage you to reach out to a scared or confused mother, to speak truth into someone’s life, and if you are in a situation where you think you can’t make it, or if you think abortion is the only answer to your problem that “surrendering to God is the only way to make it, and being completely obedient and trusting Him with the life He blessed us with to carry,nurture and love”.

Tina 2

“Dear readers, take to heart what I am about to share. I don’t openly discuss personal struggles with people I am not comfortable with.

I have been married 3 times. My first 2 children are now 19 and 15. Their dad and I were married at a very young age, basically forced into marriage from our parents, because I became pregnant at the age of 17. On one hand, I think I was okay with the notion of creating my own family seeing as though I came from a broken home. I basked in the newness of this first born son of mine and did all things right. I tried to make it work with his dad. We became pregnant with son #2. Not even 1 month after this baby was born I decided this life is not what we deserved. Their dad was a drug dealer, right under my nose. He put our lives in danger and we had to go.

On to marriage #2 – a rebound. When we met, he had two kids, I had two kids. We filled a void and it was something new. Our boys enjoyed each other, so we became a family. Shortly after marriage I became pregnant with my 3rd, a girl. I became pregnant again when she was 8 months old and this time it was like the lottery. Twin girls! I lost them at 28 weeks gestation. The pregnancy bubble had been shattered. I went through a horrible period of depression and anxiety. When I became pregnant the 5th time, I knew this was God’s answer to my prayer of having empty arms. Little did I know this little boy would be on death’s doorstep too. He was diagnosed with a CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) in utero. He was repaired at 7 days old. I don’t think I fully exhaled until I saw my baby breathing on his own. He’s a happy 8 year old now!

My second marriage ended because my ex-husband was abusive and a sociopath. When I met my husband now we knew we wanted just one baby of our own, but God had different plans for us. We had our first son in 2013, it was a joyous occasion as we felt complete. He had a few kids, I had a few kids and we had our child together. Little did I know we would be expecting our daughter only 9 months into that celebration. I was on birth control, actively breastfeeding with no cycle, so I was in shock! I didn’t know to be happy or sad. I wasn’t prepared to deal with this… We had a healthy baby girl, no issues.

Life happened and we became pregnant again and lost our precious baby at 6 weeks gestation. This is where things became dark and hateful. When we conceived our 4th baby, SatanTina 3 stepped in. It’s almost like he knew this baby was destined to be here. He convinced me to kill my baby and kill myself. Active demons were in my home and every breath I had was filled with venom. I was struggling to be human and alive. I felt set apart from everyone. I had so-called family telling me to abort. I had so called friends checking abortion mills prices. I had no true support.

I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to help us! I was cowering in my skin. I was plagued with darkness of killing my unborn baby. I had to see it to know it was real. Then, I received a call from Lisa… I hesitated to call back. She would be just another stranger urging me to give life to someone I couldn’t meet the needs of. After talking with Lisa, instead of going to that appointment that day [she was scheduled to have an abortion on a Saturday morning at one of Charlotte’s abortion clinics], and instead of slaughtering my daughter, I chose LIFE. I chose obedience to God, and I chose LOVE. Out of my decision will be struggles but not more than I can handle. And certainly not more than MY GOD will bring me out of.

Today, my daughter is 7 weeks old and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. We welcomed our little girl with open arms on May 15, 2016. To God be ALL the glory.” -Tina

I want to thank this brave woman for sharing her story, it’s not easy baring your heart and soul to strangers.  Before moving out of state she was connected with a church and many came along beside her to offer her support.  This is what we pray for, that the church will reach out to those they know are hurting and these women will get the support and guidance they need, and will never even make to the abortion clinics.  We are so thankful for all who reached out in love to Tina, and we are so happy that she, her family, and her baby girl are doing well!

Tina 4


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