Abortion is a Gospel Issue, But….



First Great Awakening in America

As a ministry we have said from the beginning that abortion is not a political issue, but a Gospel issue. Ultimately what will change things in America for the future is the same thing that has changed us in the past…the Gospel.

In this nation we have experienced two Great Awakenings and numerous other revivals and that is what American desperately needs now, in this dark hour.

As we count the number of lives that have been lost since abortion became legal in 1973 – over 60 million – we see the destruction and disintegration of the family. We watch as the radical homosexual agenda seeks not only to advance, but also to silence all who stand in its way. We must realize this great nation is in a crisis and needs revival more than ever!

Cities4Life counselor talking to abortion minded mom.
Cities4Life counselor talking to abortion minded mom.

As a ministry, Cities4Life, has daily encounters with some of the most troubled and captive people in our cities. We see women who come for abortions because they are shackled by heroine addiction, they come because of adulteress affairs, because they are sex workers who don’t want a baby to interfere with their business, because they are being abused, they come dragged by their parents, and any other reason you can think of under the sun. The point is, in this ministry, we see the great need for an awakening from a perspective that very few may see. We fully realize that the awakening we need is not by some silver-tongued politician who makes promises he can’t keep and declarations that fail to secure any real change for good. We need a Gospel awakening. We need a revival that will change hearts and through changed hearts, transform this nation. Good politicians are rarely, if ever, the catalyst for a revival. A praying, repenting, and obedient Church is what is needed.

Saying all that, of course we know that Godly men can make a difference no matter where the Lord places them. Whether it be pastoring a church, running a business, teaching school, or even in the political arena. As christians it is our duty to pray for our leaders according to 1 Tim 2:1-3, “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior,” and I believe along with that it is our duty to vote for Godly leaders when we have the opportunity. Some say politics is the art of compromise, but I still believe there are men of character in this nation who run for office not on a platform of compromise, but grounded in Biblical convictions. As we in North Carolina have been in a media firestorm over the passage of HB2 and the spotlight has been on Charlotte, a few Godly men in our city have shined as men of character and conviction.

pastor mark harris
Pastor Mark Harris speaking at Planned Parenthood Protest

Recently, Cities4Life founders David and Jason Benham have come out encouraging folks in the 9th congressional district to vote for Rev. Mark Harris. Pastor Harris has been a friend of our ministry since the beginning. This is just one example of what I believe would be an unwavering leader in Congress if given the opportunity. Thankfully, in our area God has raised up quite a few godly men and women willing to serve as elected officials. I know all over the nation God has people willing to serve in this capacity, as well as take the time to find who those folks are in your city, county, and state. But again don’t rely on them to change our nation. Vote, but do your part in spreading the Gospel by getting involved with Gospel-focused ministries like Cities4Life.

We should always seek to put godly people in positions of influence in our city, county, state, and nation. But any godly leader will tell you it’s not political parties that change this nation, it’s God’s people crying out to Him to move on hearts and then shining the light of the Gospel in our cities whenever and wherever we can.

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