Mobile Ultrasound, A Life-Saving Tool



For nearly a decade The HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe has deployed their mobile ultrasound unit to the frontlines of abortion centers in Charlotte, NC. Their calling has specifically been to park right outside the busiest abortion center in North Carolina – A Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive. For these many years the staff and center has sacrificed personal time, braved inclement weather, come out on holidays, and invested a great amount of financial resources on this specific aspect of their center’s ministry. Cities4Life™ sidewalk counselors have been trained and are used as the peer counselors on the unit, also faithfully serving Jesus and the men and women who frequent these dark places in our city. This tool is vital to the ministry of Cities4Life!



This RV was donated to the center in used condition and was up-fitted to serve as a mobile medical unit, specifically to provide ultrasounds to abortion-determined women right outside the facility where their babies were scheduled to die. Monroe HELP was one of the very first pregnancy centers and/or pro-life ministries in the nation to take this frontline approach, moving the usual counseling duties of a brick and mortar Crisis Pregnancy Center right to where these women were going to abort their little blessings.


Their trail-blazing in this ministry has been a beautiful prototype of how CPC’s can be even more effective at saving the lives of babies, as well as a pictorial demonstration of how beautifully the story of the Good Samaritan parable can be lived out, when working alongside the Cities4Life sidewalk counselors who are already working diligently on the frontlines.


After many years of this type of faithful service, we are seeing this 20 year old vehicle break down more often before leaving for ministry, not being able to go out, leaving Cities4Life counselors without this haven of refuge and resources during ministry; without having that tool right on the frontlines where it is so badly needed. The parts, because they are older, are harder to locate and therefore are more costly. This important tool is one that God uses to not only save babies, but to connect moms with much-needed practical services and to share the Gospel of Jesus with every person who boards the unit. Bottom line…this faithful vehicle is ready to be retired and Monroe HELP CPC needs funds in order to get a replacement.

Would you as an individual, a church, a business owner or youth group be willing to help provide the finances so that Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center would be able to purchase a new reliable mobile ultrasound unit for LIFE and the GOSPEL?

Click on this link to learn more and DONATE towards this life saving resource,

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about this vital ministry please feel free to contact Daniel Parks at  And thank you as always, for your continued prayers and support.

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