10 Babies Saved, 2 Salvations and a Wedding!


There has been a lot happening on the sidewalks at the abortion clinics in Charlotte!  By God’s grace every week we are seeing amazing things happen through those who make themselves available to be used as a light at those dark places. This past week God did some very surprising (and wonderful) things, including 10 babies saved, 2 salvations, and a wedding!

On Monday Vicky, our Volunteer Coordinator and Monday team lead, encountered a couple coming to Charlotte’s busiest abortion clinic with some very dire needs. They already had 3 kids together and had been in a situation that rendered them homeless. Vicky was able to share at length with the woman, who ultimately came under the conviction of her sins and saw her need for a savior. She humbly bowed her heart, confessed her sins before the Lord, and prayed to receive His forgiveness through the Gospel!

Of course that did handle her most important spiritual need, but their physical needs still remained. As we searched for resources for this family one thing became clear to this couple, marriage was a step of faith that they both knew they needed, and wanted, to take.  So on Thursday, Vicky and I helped put together a whirlwind wedding at the request of this couple, who didn’t want to wait another day to get married.

Beyond marriage, it also became clear to this young man that he needed to bow his head and heart to Jesus as well, and on Friday he did just that, he gave his life to Jesus!  You can read more about this still unfolding story on Vicky’s blog. Currently we are still looking for more permanent housing for this family and a more reliable van for their growing family. If you have a lead on either, please let us know.

In addition to the precious couple you just read about, 9 other moms chose LIFE this week at the abortion clinics in Charlotte. This of course wouldn’t be possible without the faithfulness of our volunteers and those who give and pray to support them. Think about it 10 individual lives, that were on the brink of death, were pulled back from the edge and rescued from certain destruction, and you had a part in that!

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