Regret, Restoration, Healing


Cities4Life’s mission is to show the transformative love of Jesus Christ in our attempts to reach abortion-minded moms on the brink of destroying their own babies. However, if a woman makes that terrible choice to abort, we are still available and ready to pray with them, share the truth of Jesus and His redemptive work upon the cross to restore and heal, and offer them spiritual mentors and resources to help them confront head-on the world view and situations that led them to such a dark place.

44 Years of Sorrow


It’s been 44 years since Roe vs. Wade, when the Supreme Court made abortion legal in all 50 states.  Please join us January 23, 2017 as Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte holds a public worship/memorial service to remember the 60 million … Continued

Brightest Light

The Brightest Light in America’s Darkness


This article originally written by David Benham for World Net Daily: No matter how spiritually dark it may get in today’s culture, just remember – you can be a voice. You can make a difference. All you have to do … Continued

David Benham

About David Benham

David and Lori Benham serve together in the pro-life movement in areas such as sidewalk counseling, community awareness, fundraising, church life networking and political support. The family is involved in every aspect of Cities4Life and their comprehensive vision ties each moving part of this movement together.