First Ever RU-486 Successful Reversal Reported in Charlotte


photoMany of you may have seen Dr. Matt Harrison of the Cities4Life leadership team ministering on the sidewalk outside our local abortion mills with his family. What you may not know is that Dr. Harrison made national pro-life headlines as he was the first doctor to successfully reverse the RU-486 (abortion pill). Dr. Harrison did not plan this or look for this opportunity but it came upon him as he was contacted by a local crisis pregnancy center regarding a young, scared 20-year old, named Ashley, who had come to their office after she changed her mind about her abortion. She had already taken the RU-486 drug at an abortion mill. Like many women, after taking the pill, Ashley was told by the abortionist that there was nothing she could do after expressing to the abortionist that she did not want to abort her child after all. She was told that if she did not “complete” the procedure by having labor induced that the baby would still die or be born with birth defects and abnormalities if he or she survived. It seemed as though that was the end of the story but God had other plans.

Scared and regretting her decision, Ashley revealed to her mother the news of the pregnancy and the attempted abortion and to her surprise found grace and compassion from her Christian mother, who took Ashley to a crisis pregnancy center. The pregnancy center contacted Dr. Harrison and though he didn’t know how he could help, he had Ashley and her mother come to his practice that day. Thirty-six hours after having taken the RU-486, Ashley wanted to do what she could to save her baby’s life and Dr. Harrison knew that he needed to pray to God for guidance, which he did. He then did as much research as he could about how RU-486 works and with the Lord’s help and his training, he came up with the idea to give Ashley an progesterone injection. This all took place on a Friday and though Ashley had complications that weekend, which included an ER visit due to bleeding, her baby was still alive with a heartbeat. She came back for a followup with Dr. Harrison that Monday and received progesterone injections from him twice a week thereafter. Neither Dr. Harrison or Ashley knew what the outcome would be but Ashley’s seventeen week ultrasound displayed a healthy baby. Dr. Harrison continued to see Ashley and at 26 weeks she was able to come off the progesterone altogether. She went full term in her pregnancy and gave birth to a sweet and healthy baby girl, Kaylie. Dr. Harrison has kept in contact with Ashley and Kaylie, now six, over the years as they obviously have a special and unique bond. Ashley and Kaylie will be sharing their story with masses of pro-lifers at the Youth Rally at the March for Life on January 21st.

When I asked Dr. Harrison what really stuck out to him in regards to this experience, he shared two very important things. First, the lack of compassion and cold treatment that Ashley received at the abortion mill struck him. There was no compassion, information or possible resources given to Ashley once she decided to change her mind about the abortion. Abortion is big business and the women who come through the clinic doors are seen as revenue for their practice so there is no incentive to provide them loving, caring alternatives which do not involve the taking of the baby’s life. The other thing that stuck out to Dr. Harrison was the love and compassion that Ashley found after confessing to her mother about the unintended pregnancy, caused by premarital sex, and her abortion attempt. Though she had been raised in a Christian home and had been taught that sex before marriage and abortion were both wrong, she found herself in this difficult predicament and with a boyfriend at the time who was encouraging her to get the abortion. Ashley had feared that by having her baby, her parents would kick her out of the house, that she would never be able to attend nursing school and that she would be left alone to raise a child on her own with no support. Quite the opposite happened as Ashley found love and support from her mother and she was able to complete a degree in respiratory therapy and is about to start her nursing program.

This is a happy ending to what could have been an otherwise very tragic story. God had a plan and He used many people to save little Kaylie’s life. We are so thankful to have Dr. Harrison on our leadership team and as a part of our ministry. His willing heart to intervene to do something in this situation, even though he was unsure if it would help, is a testament to his love for Christ and for women in crisis pregnancies and their babies whose lives are in the balance. Since that day, there have been other successful RU-486 reversals around the country. May God continue to use our pro-life doctors and may He also use Ashley and Kaylie’s testimony to save many other babies and women from the horrors of abortion.

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