The Cost of Murder in Charlotte…


MH900315542What are the abortion cost in Charlotte NC? What is the cost to have a pre-born child violently murdered in Charlotte?

CCFW – Wendover

Pill 8 weeks or less LMP $500
Surgical 5-16 weeks LMP $300-$600


FRH – Hebron
Pill 8 weeks or less LMP $600
Surgical up to 12.6 weeks $360


APWHC – Latrobe (Charlotte’s busiest abortion mill)
Pill 9 weeks or less LMP $425
Surgical up to 12 weeks $330
Increases as weeks go up <$1240

THE BIGGER QUESTION: What is God’s cost for accepting payment for the murder of an innocent person? “Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.”  - Deuteronomy 27:25

Lisa Metzger

About Lisa Metzger

Lisa is a mother of 10 and leader at Cities4Life. She is a graduate of Liberty University and focused sidewalk counselor at local abortion centers in Charlotte, NC. Their family is on a mission to minister to women at abortion centers. Mark and Lisa have hosted expectant mothers in their home, delivered food and baby items to mothers in need and raised funds for moms in desperate situations.

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